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Scientific Research and Experimental Development - Aeronautics
Scientific Research and Experimental Development - Aeronautics

SR&ED Tax Credits - Aeronautics

The Canadian aerospace industry must continuously invest in research and development (R&D) to remain a leader. If you're in the industry, you will be happy to know that the R&D / SR&ED tax credits program will refund up to 74% of wages spent on R&D. These large repayments can help attract and retain the best talent within your company. For example, the creation of new materials, new processes and new manufacturing systems could lead to significant R&D / SR&ED tax credits. Similarly, the development of new prototypes, components, communications systems, navigation and surveillance may also lead to R&D / SR&ED tax credits.

Pro Gestion's expertise in the field of aeronautics is not limited to the identification and presentation of eligible research projects, but also includes an improved internal documentation structure to maximize your future SR&ED claims. In other words, we offer a turnkey service. Feel free to contact us to receive a free evaluation with one of our expert consultants in scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED).