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Financing and Subsidies Applications - Support Services

Pro Gestion's team of experts can help you in obtaining the necessary financing to pursue or initiate your business projects.

We identify relevent financial partners who can meet your needs and who are likely to present a favorable opinion with regard to your projects, then we accompany you and we support you until you obtain your financing.

Pro Gestion offers a range of personalized services to help SMEs obtain financing from various financial institutions, organizations and government programs:

  • Financial diagnosis and needs analysis.
  • Support for the development of a financing strategy plan.
  • Planning and financial package.
  • Identification of financial partners (loans, grants, tax credits, etc.).
  • Preparation and support throughout the financing application process.

Pro Gestion offers a range of complementary services intended to optimize your financing application (s) according to each financial partner's expectations and your financial situation:

  • Optimization or development of strategic plan, business plan, action plan and project plan.
  • Analysis of markets, business opportunities and competitive positioning.

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