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Pay Equity Maintenance / Audit

Once the pay equity exercise or plan is completed, the employer is required to complete a pay equity audit every 5 years to post any updates, changes or modifications that may have occurred since the original exercise was completed.

Maintaining pay equity means to audit and/or to identify the changes that have taken place in the business since the original exercise, plan or previous audit. These changes may result from the creation or modification of jobs or job categories. These changes can also occur due to new working conditions or the negotiation of a collective agreement.

The employer must determine the number of audits that need to be completed, if a committee should be created and the role of the unions (if applicable). Where applicable, the employer must determine the required number of audits to be completed and how many of them require committees. In the event that wage gaps are identified, female wages must be readjusted. Once completed, the results of the pay equity audit will be displayed.