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Pay Equity - Turnkey Services

Pro Gestion offers a range of turnkey services to help you meet your pay equity obligations:

How We Stand Out?

  • We work for you and in your interest since 1993.
  • We offer a professional, fast, efficient and confidential service.
  • You receive a detailed report.
  • It often costs less to retain our services than to do the work yourself.
  • Our senior advisors have handled hundreds of pay equity files.
  • Our accredited team (CPHR) aims for nothing but excellence.
  • We take as little of your time as possible to process your file.
  • We intervene quickly should the CNESST have any questions.
  • We advise you in regards to your pay equity obligations.
  • We keep you informed of changes to the Pay Equity Act.
  • Your file is late or being audited by the CNESST? We will help you get back on track.
  • Peace of mind: we offer a turnkey service.

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