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When a company has more than 100 employees, the employer must establish a pay equity committee for each plan that needs to be completed. The pay equity committee shall be composed of representatives of employers, employees and accredited associations (unions) if applicable.

It must consist of a minimum of three members. In general, 2/3 of the members must be employees (50 % of which must be women). The representatives of the employer shall not be more than 1/3 of the members. It should be noted that representatives of the committee may also be external parties, like a consultant, for example. Several variants may therefore exist.

The committee is involved in the early stages of pay equity. They establish the categories of predominantly female and male jobs, they select the method and assessment tools to be used. They then compare and evaluate the job categories in order to identify the salary adjustments required and proceed to post the results. Regarding the terms of payment, the committee is consulted on an advisory basis only since the employer has the final decision.

Need assistance?

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