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The employer's pay equity declaration (DEMES)

he completion of a pay equity declaration by the employer (DEMES) demonstrates to the commission the pay equity progression in the company. The DEMES must be produced annually, regardless if the company is subject to produce a pay equity exercise, creating a plan or by following up with a pay equity audit. Since the regulation amendment adopted on March 1st, 2011 to the Pay Equity Act, the DEMES is mandatory for:

  • All companies listed in the Quebec Enterprise Register reporting a minimum of six salaried employees.
  • All employers registered in the register of public authorities, regardless of their size.
  • The Treasury Board.

The information required to produce a DEMES

The DEMES can be generated online and requires the following information :

  • NEQ (Qu├ębec Enterprise Register Number).
  • The business established by NAICS code
  • The operations start-up date.
  • The number of employees according to the calculation method required by the commission.
  • The posting date of the pay equity results, if applicable.
  • The posting date for the pay equity exercise, plan or audit results, if applicable.

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