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Turnkey Services - Pay Equity

Regardless of your situation, our Certified Human Resources Professionals (CHRP) are able to help you meet your pay equity obligations on time. We offer the following turnkey services:

  • Pay Equity Exercise.
  • Pay Equity Maintenance / Audit.
  • Pay Equity Plan / Program.
  • Pay Equity Committee.
  • Employer's Pay equity Declaration (DEMES).
  • Pay equity training and consulting services.

Profile of our Customers

  • Private and public companies.
  • Public institutions.
  • Non-profit organizations.
  • Unionized, non-unionized, combination of unionized and non-unionized.
  • Companies, institutions and organizations that are behind schedule.
  • Companies, institutions and organizations being audited by the CNESST.
  • Provincially regulated companies.
  • Federally regulated companies.