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SR&ED Tax Credit Consultant - How Pro Gestion Stands Out


  • Pro Gestion has specialized in SR&ED tax credits applications since 1993.
  • Our team of multidisciplinary senior advisors have handled hundreds of SR&ED files just like yours.
  • Our wealth of experience allows us to identify all your eligible projects and expenses.
  • We optimize your SR&ED application according to each level of government (provincial and federal).

The absence of financial risk

  • We do not require any security deposit.
  • Our fees are performance-based.
  • Our fees are billed when you receive your SR&ED tax credits.

Peace of mind

  • We offer a turnkey service.
  • We take as little of your time as possible to file your SR&ED tax credit application.
  • We make sure your SR&ED tax credit claim is filed on time every year.
  • We adapt to your way of work, your needs, and your corporate culture.

We are your reference

  • We guide you to maximize your SR&ED tax credits each year.
  • We keep you informed of legislative changes regarding the SR&ED program.

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