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SR&ED Tax Credit Application - Turnkey Services

Regardless of your sector of activity, the size of your company or your financial situation, our experts are able to establish whether your activities and projects are eligible to SR&ED tax credits, then to optimize your claim to get the most out of the SR&ED tax credit program.

Each of our cases is meticulously assessed and processed as follows:

Phase I - Preliminary Evaluation (free without obligation)

  • Preliminary evaluation of your research projects.
  • Estimation of eligible SR&ED expenditures.
  • Estimation of anticipated SR&ED tax credits.

Phase II - Preparation of your SR&ED Tax Credit Application

  • In-depth evaluation of your research activities.
  • Promotion of eligible activities and writing of scientific report(s).
  • In-depth assessment of your eligible expenses.
  • Optimization of eligible expenses by project and by level of government (federal & provincial).

Phase III - Preparation of SR&ED Tax Forms and Schedules

  • Preparation of SR&ED tax forms and schedules in collaboration with your accounting firm.
  • Verification of SR&ED tax forms and schedules before they are submitted to Revenue Canada and Revenue Quebec.

Phase IV - Audit Support (if applicable)

  • Preparation session before the audit.
  • Accompaniment during the audit.
  • Transmission of additional data to Revenue Canada and/or Revenue Quebec.

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